Dreaming small

My fascination with Japanese culture doesn’t start, nor ends with just “ANIME”. Paper cranes are what you’d call “Origami level NOOB”. i.e. the first ever hurdle in the spiritual path of PAPER BENDING!

Q) Wait a sec, what about some of those… ROCKETS! or.. FLOWERS from back in school?

A) Yeah, that’s where we draw the distinction between “KILLING TIME” and “USING IT”. Bigger isn’t always better.. or harder.. Folding paper rockets takes neither time nor effort, call it origami and you incur the wrath of a community which works so hard at what they do!

A difficulty graph REGARDLESS of which activity, should look SOMETHING like this

theoretical energy utilityDifficulty has three components.

  1. Intricacies of procedure,
  2. Resource utilization
  3. Energy needed.



practical energy utilityBut is reality that kind? actually…. NO! As sizes reduce, energy demands sky rocket. Deriving an equation to describe this is absurd and to a large extent pointless. But the nature is definitely exponential.

What could easily be done with big hands now takes tiny nails and needles. What took 3 seconds can take anything upto 20.. even 30!

When being off by even half a centimetre never mattered, a mere millimetre (even sharp eyes have can’t perceive differences below that) could set you off track SO far, you’ll end up folding a “ROCKET”!


Finally, how LITTLE is little energy when only a little energy is all you need?

Short Answer? Very…


Long Answer: When aiming, our hands shiver.. Why? we perceive not being accurate. If we’re off by a margin on the left, the left hand pushes further to the right but at one point you’d  be off by a small margin on the right. Therefore the right hand pushes BACK at the left hand. This is where subconsciousness plays an EVIL trick. The left hand is aware that if it lets up even the slightest of slack, it’ll slip back to the original position and KEEPS UP the effort. Now the right hand does the same trick to counter the right margin. Rinse-n-repeat, you begin to shiver! And are actually taking up a LOT more energy for the SAME amount of work to absolutely no work done!



Paper cranes

Q) Yaay!! Paper cranes! wait, how’d you make them?

A) This isn’t a guide. There are SEVERAL methods and SEVERAL ways the crane’s gonna end up looking. As you’d have probably guessed by now, although technically paper cranes, they are “BOTH ENTIRELY DIFFERENT”.

I can however, talk about what you will need. For tools you will definitely need sharp objects, and long nails as a finger is far too crude. Now don’t go wasting paper! I used paper from book which I’m dead certain I’ll never need again and is too many revisions old to be given away to someone.. RESPECT YOUR PAPER MY FRIENDS! There IS however “Origami paper”, which is of much better quality but do keep in mind that smaller cranes may need thinner paper.

And finally, something to explain the size. How do you make a big plane small? Put it next to one that’s bigger (poor 747 lol). To really appreciate the scale of your work, you’ll need a benchmark. Something easily understood and by everyone.

Such a thing is “Easily understood yet rarely found”. Looking for such a thing, I lost more sanity than I had to offer. After clicking random pictures ALL over the household, I was rather satisfied with some of my references and JUST BEFORE CONNECTING TO THE COMP!..


“fits like a glove”, “made for each other”.. A THOUSAND MORE METAPHORS PLEASE! WHERE WERE YOU HIDING ALL THIS WHILE? The micro USB’s gleam was DAZZLING.

By the way, for those of you who are wondering, no I DIDN’T break or set a record. I have neither the right paper nor tools. I don’t intend to try either. I can at best, break my own record, manage better edges, that sort of thing (REFINE, not REFORM).

For now, I’m extremely content with being more than a contender in the record space with my limited tools : ) The records are HERE! Yeah, I’m afraid top spot of 1 millimetre is out of my league (for now) but with a 5mm crane, I still contend here!

P.s. Excuse my long nails which I HAD to grow in order to make this. Other tools used are safety pin number 1 and safety pin number 2 (BOTH of them have requested privacy and “safety” (lol)).